Would you like to go Personal?

Personal is a premium feature which makes the picker highly player-oriented, adds new functionality and removes all ads.

As low as 1$ / month.

Hero Personal Advantage Scores

PAS will make the picker mould around your play style to ensure you get the best hero draft possible.

Bonus Scores based on how well you played lately with each of the heroes are added when calculating hero suggestions.
It will help drafting heroes better suited to your play style and allows the learning of unsuccessful heroes only when they are very good in the lineup.

See the heroes you are good with here.

You will be able to customize many aspects of the web app.

Improved experience for the complete picker

Customizable Algorithm

You can create the formula for suggestions that fits you best from various variables (like hero winrate, advantage, etc.) that we provide.

Favorite & Disliked Heroes Selection

You can choose the heroes that you really like and that you don't. You can then only keep them / remove them from the hero suggestions with a single click, similar to how you can only keep disablers, initiators, etc.

Editable Data

You get to choose what heroes are considered Carry, Support, Mid, etc.

No Ads

Get the Aghanim's Scepter badge. It removes ads across the entire website.

Help make the website better

Having funding will help us invest in better graphics, high-quality libraries and hosting. It will also allow us to dedicate more time to building more free features.

Continuous indexing

We will get your matches all the time, not only when you log in. This will make the Hero Personal Advantage Score and any stats tool that we develop always be up to date.

Test before you buy

Hero Personal Advantage Scores are available to everyone for one day every 5 days by rotation, if the servers are not overloaded. You just need to be logged in.

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