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AP & CM hero picking tool
hero suggestions based on enemy counter and team synergy statistical scores
Dota Plus Alternative
part of game advantage
hero personal advantage scores
role septagon
team win chance (to help with predictions)
hero tips & tricks
observations on teams composition

Counter Picker

simple interface
advantages against a hero or team
dotapicker preview
dotapicker preview

Winrates & Pickrates Trends

charts with data separated by skill and game length

Pub Meta Analyzer

overpowered heroes in the current pub meta

Version Differences

evolution of hero win rates across map versions

Hero XP Advantage

the XP advantage each hero brings to his team
A premium feature which increases the power of dotapicker and adds new functionality.

Hero Personal Advantage Scores
Customizable Algorithm
Favorite & Disliked Heroes Selection
Editable Data
Infinite AutoPicker Energy

As low as 1$ / month


automated hero entry

Player Analyses

Player Stats

- game history performance

Charts with GPM, XPM, WinRate, KDA and more, plotted by hero type (core, support) and data grouping: patch, month, ranked.

Personal Hero Advantage

Find the heroes a user is good (or bad) with.


heroes countered
heroes that counter
heroes that synergyze
hero roles & suitable lanes
part of game in which heroes do better
win rates by game length and skill level
countering tips & tricks
how YOU play the hero (soon)